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Episode 12: How to Raise $10 Million in One Night

On today’s episode we talk to Brady Forseth from the Starkey Hearing Foundation and most recently the African Community & Conservation Foundation. He shares how he, with a team...

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Episode 11: Tricks to Grow Your Events

Interested in growing your events? On today’s episode Amy Zaroff shares her experiences in the events industry and the core values of her business! Today is all about creating...

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Episode 6: Producing Work with a Purpose

Talonya Geary is part of the Tony Robbins organization, an author, and an entrepreneur! She is talking all about what it means and looks life to live on purpose,...

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Episode 5: Making Events that Matter

Cole Hatter is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In 2015, he started the event Thrive, a conference for entrepreneurs focused on not only making money, but Making Money...

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Episode 4: Mind Blowing Event Design

In our fourth episode, we meet with Becky Harris & Lauren Segelbaum of Event Lab. Since 1994, Event Lab has been your one-stop-shop for everything event decor, event planning,...

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The Journey Begins

Since 2003, I have been in the events business. I started EideCom inc. to change the way audiences were impacted at events. We started down the road of podcasting...

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Featured Guests

Charles Eide Meeting Minds

Charles Eide


Obsessed with Audience Experience

Lisa Mendenhall Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Vice President//EideCom Inc

Making every event impactful 

Gina Baratto

Gina Baratto

Nexstar Network

Event Planning professional with fifteen years of experience.

Cole Hatter

Cole Hatter

THRive: Make Money Matter

Husband, father, entrepreneur, and car fanatic. I love investing in people and in companies that make me a better person and the world a better place.

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