Develop your Personal Brand Without the Label, Bossy

Kate Patay from ILEA Live shares about how she helps brands and individuals create and refine their personal brand. 

Tell us about you.

I do brand and image strategy now. I spent almost 20 years in special events, I switched to the dark side, I was a vendor for almost 7 years. Then about three years ago I branched off on my own. I was getting enough requests on that side of things. It made sense, I love it. I love what I do everyday.

What are you doing?

Working with a combination of event professionals, hotels, casinos, different companies in the industry and working with doing a brand audit and how are you authentically you. How do you stand out in a world that is so noisy theres so much out there. How do you stand out amongst them all. We figure out who you are and amplify that for you.

What can I do to have a better brand image?

Biggest takeaways I say, first be authentic. If you’re trying to be something your not it will show and it will be exhausting. Be a sponge learn everything and don’t say no to opportunities, yes you have to have boundaries and say no to things, but be open to learning things that could further your career and show you a different side of it. If you’re more well rounded and understand the moving parts of what you do, that’s going to help you long term. 

How do I show authenticity without saying “I’m being different and I want you to know.” ?

Pinpointing, everyone has something unique, that’s special about them finding that and owning it. If you’re with the wrong clients how do you find the right ones?

There’s a difference between amplifying qualities you have and being lazy, “that’s how I am.”  How do you work on those things?

I look a lot at EQ. It’s who you are inherently, you can always work on your EQ, you can’t fix your IQ. You can work on your emotional well being and how you present. You can see where your weaknesses are and consistently work on those. You can see where you’re great and where you’re not. Hire to your weaknesses every time.

How does branding and imaging come to the forefront in the live events world?

Everyone you work with, that’s a reflection of you and your brand. They need to understand who you are and what that end goal is for the clients. They represent you in a great way. Make sure you’re creating great brand ambassadors and people talking about you on your behalf. I will never sit down and sell myself but 50 people at this conference will do it for me.

How do people be more confident?

It’s two fold. Theres and internal and external confidence. The internal confidence is you need to know your stuff. It’s not fake it till you make it, truly know what you’re talking about and if you don’t figure it out. Get to know your material and know it inside and out. On the external side you need to be comfortable in your skin. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but we do. That’s life. That’s what really happens people judge you within a tenth of a second of meeting you. Be comfortable make sure it fits, it’s pressed, you’re not tugging at everything or thinking this isn’t my favorite look.

What are you’re pet peeves.

Not being on time. I will lock the door and watch you stand. 

I really don’t like noise, if I can hear someone eating, chewing, or doing something.

Any closing advice for those starting their career?

Find some incredible people, come to these conferences and find amazing mentors willing to share this experience. I wish I would have found my people earlier in my career. You don’t have to stumble through it alone. Find people you look up to and try and emulate that,

Super power: I can use a double negative in any situation to make it sound good. 

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