Wrapping up 2019: Our Favorite Moments

This week Charles and Lisa sit down to talk through segments of the podcast that have stuck with them! We highlight some of our favorites, listen to hear what has changed our team!

Charles:I was listening to the one with Justin Jones he’s on the road a lot doing emceeing and promo work and he was talking about these different tricks he has to stay healthy on the road. I thought that was really cool. He was talking about how he brings this like hand tool to Julianne noodles, off of carrots in his hotel room. He makes his own salads while he’s on the road.

Lisa: I need to take some notes like seriously. 

Charles: Then he was talking about, he would rather have good food and good sleep over exercise. Because an hour of exercise has nothing on a full night of good sleep. If you haven’t heard that episode, it is so fun.

Charles: I also think about the episode with Keith Mercurio. 

Lisa: Oh, that was Epic. He’s got so many nuggets of wisdom. I could have listened to him for hours.

Charles:There was a point on social media where I was watching Keith and he went to a school to learn how to ski jump. When I saw it I was like, Keith, you’re like the craziest person I know.

Lisa: It’s gotta be like tough to get over your ego when you’re surrounded by children.

Charles: Oh my gosh. He said that the hardest thing was humbling his ego and of course for days afterwards he was in pain. That’s what happens when you get old. If Keith’s listening right now, I’m not saying you’re old, but you know like yeah and a nine year old. Something I found interesting about Keith, Keith is one of those guys that you learn something really valuable from every time you talk to him. 

Lisa: Oh yeah. The great thing is he has met so many high level speakers that he’s got like this wealth of knowledge from all these other people. Then he shares it and then he’s got his own wealth of knowledge. So it’s crazy.

Charles:My biggest thing I learned from him was learning to actually listen to what somebody saying without trying to have an inner dialogue of my own. Obviously as the host of a podcast, that’s 100% the opposite because you’re constantly being like, all right, what are we talking about next?

Lisa: Our culture is just so quick to do everything that I think he reminded me it is okay to slow down and think a little bit before you respond.

Charles:You know, what I thought was really fun was the gal from VNTANA. What they do is they do holographic technology and they can beam people other places. If you want the CEO to address the audience, but he’s in a different country, you can either live beam him in or prerecord him or her and have them on stage doing their keynote and that looks three-dimensional.

Lisa: I think it’s going to be great for events and for many other applications. 

Charles: I’m really stoked to have an opportunity at some point to bring in some of that holographic tech to one of our shows. What about Michael Cerbelli? 

Lisa:Oh, he was great. He’s just like the guy, that he knows everyone and everyone knows him. He’s one of the best event producers. 

Charles: I thought it was crazy cause we dialed this guy up. I’ve never met him before and Mel, our producer, was like, I think you’re going to like this guy. He seems to be doing some cool stuff and he comes on the call and he’s dressed like 10 million. From New York. A brilliant mind in the event space. He’s got this thing called the hot list. Michael, if you’re listening to this. Okay. We want to be on your hot list somehow. He is not only a really nice guy, like super calm, but extremely, uh, well connected. His approach to everything just seems so creative and interesting. Loved having him on, which brings me to someone who knows him. The Bronx zoo people. He was talking about how people will ask for the most ridiculous things from the zoo. The Bronx zoo does events and he said that at one point there was a guy who wanted to ride in on an elephant into his event and he was legitimately believing that that could happen. And when he was informed that riding an elephant into his event was not going to happen, he was not happy about it. He was also talking about how people will try and go into the animal’s spaces and he’s like, look, there’s barriers so you don’t get eaten by that tiger. 

Charles: So there’s this group in Minneapolis called Secondhand Hounds. They do puppy parties. 

Lisa:Yes. They even bring them to corporate events. Had them at one of our client events in, an area that was for their health pavilion.

Charles: Yeah. Like for a donation to the organization they will bring a volunteer and a bunch of puppies out. 

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