Part 2 Protecting the Integrity and Messaging of your Content

What’s the biggest lesson learned as well as the biggest disaster? 

Coley: The biggest lesson that I’ve had is that no matter how hard you plan, nothing is ever going to go exactly as you want. There’s always a fix to it so there’s no sense of getting worked up. There’s always going to be a response and so staying as level headed as possible and not having those around you know that there’s an issue is the best way to go. I will say the more pressure that I have, the better performer.I did an event, I mean I’ve had many a disaster, but the biggest one I’ve had, I did a concert at outdoor concert at the Atlantis in The Bahamas and I had 800 people for a dinner and a concert. The women’s restrooms, there was one set of restrooms that were open in the other side were locked. All of the women’s restrooms started overflowing and flooding. So you couldn’t even walk in the bathroom because there was so much water and sewage on the floor. We found out that the other set of bathrooms couldn’t be open because there was apparently one person on the entire Island that had a key and they had gone home and they lived on the other side of the Island. I was like, well, I’m going to need you to come back. Nothing like having like a really fantastic event and then having it end in sewage. 

Super Powers: Coley: Being calm, cool, collected, and finding the answer. 

Rachel: I’m not just saying this because we’re on one of our partners podcasts, but I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the events world is have really good business partners. I think truly over the last year as I’ve learned it’s really important to have people that you trust, not only running your production but helping you facilitate your event. I think that’s the biggest thing for me is having that trust between like my internal business partners and myself and then my trust to the other vendors that we work with and our partners. I think that’s huge. 

The biggest disaster: last year we had a celebrity on our stage doing a keynote, power went out and I’ve never run faster in my life. Dr Oz’s was on stage. And let me tell you that man is the most cool, he’s like a fricking cucumber. He kept talking and just kept tangenting as like myself and my team. We were sprinting. I don’t even, I didn’t even have like an intentional place I was running to. So there was construction happening in our venue and one of the people that were conducting the construction was training in somebody new and they were like, Hey, we have this kill switch. You want to see it? And the trainee was like, yeah, I want to see it. And it’s like you open this switchboard and it kills the power. So that’s been the biggest disaster I’ve ever seen. 

Super Power: Rachel: Empath, able to read a situation. 

Pre Conference Pet Peeves – Coley: I think for me the biggest pet peeve I have is when people either set unrealistic expectations and push for them and they don’t understand that the budget is a factor. While those are really great ideas, they can’t always come to fruition. The other one that I would say is, people who don’t understand or respect timelines. 

Best advice – Rachel: I’m so fresh into this industry, so I feel like I have an interesting perspective.You don’t know what you’re doing. You have no idea what’s going on. So just take a step back and listen. And I think that’s been the biggest thing for me in the last year is taking a step back and humbling myself and understanding that I’m going to listen to what my business partners want. I’m going to listen to what other people that are really good in this industry are good at. I’m never gonna think that I’m too big to take advice from somebody. That’s the biggest thing to me that I think has helped me. 

Best advice – Coley: Learn and absorb as much as you can to learn your placeMake sure that you are communicating the things that you want to communicate with the correct audience and making sure that you’re not overstepping because nobody will respect you if they feel like you are overstepping. 

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