The Biggest Cost to an Organization May Surprise You! Ft. David Horsager

How did you get here?

It’s a lot of miracles along the way. I was directing a youth and family organization. I was teaching some leadership curriculum, I came back to MN in 1999. My wife and I felt like we were to share a message of truth. Within a year we were producing events globally. Most of my work is around trust.

One of your main things is trust. How do we build better trust?

I’m going to talk about my research then we will dive into the application of it. My research, two sides, 1 showing a lack of trust is the biggest cost of an organization, 2. If it’s so important how do you build it?

There were 8 key traits, components that came out of the research. It’s important to know they were all important. You could lose on any of them and lose trust. That was unique. Everything we do out of the institute today, is applying these 8 in a certain way.

Leadership doesn’t care if you have good lights or sounds in the overall. They care that the message was translated that people were inspired. etc. Only talk about what they care about.

How you respond in crisis, is your opportunity to increase or decrease trust fast. Here’s what we can do now:

1. Don’t stick your head in the sand.
2. Overcommunicate
3. Lead with compassion
4. Know your numbers
5. Boil it down to one key priority
6. Get support and the wisdom of others

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