A Formula Where Everyone Wins Ft. Matt Williams

You’ve been a visionary in your space. Share with us how you got to where you are.

I founded Exhibit partners in 2004 but I had my first shot in 1998. After 6 years of learning the business, learning what not to do, learning the values that people behind the brands that’s where it’s at. Being thwarted quite a bit drove me to not want to live my life where I’m going to be working for someone who doesn’t have my best interest in mind. So I founded exhibit partners. It’s a promise of evolution. You have to figure out where the industry is going.

Help me understand the spark that made you exist and be different?

People seek experiences. They seek reasons to get together with other people. Why is this industry going to be alive? The vision I have is creating multiple avenues for facilitating that very thing to happen. Events are one thing. We look at all these ways we can help customers, look at it through their lens. It comes down to people. People will change at the companies but ultimately they want to look good. They want their life to be easier. They have bosses they want raises and promotions. We need to take that into consideration.

The term exhibit isn’t just giant cool booths.

There’s lots of ways to look at exhibits and exhibiting events. If we were just getting orders and not looking at strategies, we’d just be taking orders. I didn’t name it exhibit vendors…. Exhibit Partners.

What makes an exhibit inviting?

There’s a lot of noise at trade shows. One of the things we like to do is create a captivating environment that is welcoming.

How do you come up with new ideas?

When you have a great client they communicate the results with you. The best clients we have talk to us and we involved our creative team at the front end.

Superpower: Seeing through others’ lens

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