Awakening Inspiration in Unexpected Ways Ft. Kristin Banta

“There’s beauty in the unexpected.” Kristin Banta is a design genius, never doing the same thing twice. But how do you continue to get fresh inspiration? She joins us and shares her process.

How did you end up in the events business?

I actually studied production. I was a theater arts major in college. I didn’t want to be on the stage I wanted to be behind the scenes. I took my background with my degree, I learned to weld, I learned lighting, design, stage management, I took them and because of that I can speak the languages. I was given an opportunity to do an event.

If you understand theater you understand production in the corporate world.

I agree. I think even more than creating the same thing every time, it’s about having to react in the moment because everything is live. That for me is what makes it really similar to what we are doing now. For us, we will design something once and we will never design it again.

Getting onto design and inspiration, where do you pick up when it comes to design?

For all of us, we get inspiration from those things that are influencing us, the things around us. I’ll get on a kick with something because I happen to get on a rabbit hole and before you know it I’m into that. Every time that we’re working with a client, the challenge is to find how they want that guest experience to be and what is really driving them to have this event.

I’m over here and I’m looking at your instagram, I want to talk about what inspires you.

It’s everywhere. I’m a Pinterest lover. I love it. It’s the most amazing search engine for finding photos and going down a rabbit hole of inspiration and images on anything you can possibly think of. I love that, it’s where I find so many things. For our instagram feed I really am a big believer in, if you’re following my company your looking at getting inspiration. Rather than just showing our work, every three photos it’s something that we’ve produced but I try to show the things that are inspiring me.

What are ways you incorporate classical elements?

I’m a huge fan of installation art, I try to bring that into events wherever possible to show things in a different way. I love unexpected elements. I find so often clients come to us and so many people are asking them the questions I don’t care about. “What color is your wedding going to be?” I don’t care we don’t design in color, it’s about how it makes you feel. It’s about the space. So often we will hear clients say when are we going to go flower shopping, my answer is never. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use flowers yet.

I don’t believe in rebelling for the sake of rebelling but I do think that there’s beauty in unexpected. There’s interest in areas that are not traditionally thought to be beautiful. I don’t think every event should be traditionally pretty because pretty isn’t necessarily interesting. Sometimes interesting is compelling and pretty doesn’t make you feel anything.

When you’re working on inspiration, where do you start?

It’s process, especially with social. There’s a responsibility to get to the heart of who the host is and why they are hosting. It’s a process and it really only comes together in the final stretch of our planning timeline. We go through a questionnaire process that doesn’t say anywhere what are your favorite colors. I want to know their favorite food memories, places they’ve traveled, what their dream home is? What would that look like if it wasn’t about funds. If we can bet people out of what’s trending, and just get them to put together images, great! Think outside of theme and color.

Event Pet Peeves: Monograms on a dance floor. Giant Floral on the table with white folding chairs. (Take care of people first)

Superpower: able to sell any design

Advice to those starting out: Have a point of view. Figure out what makes you unique.

Insta: Charlesevaneide

Twitter: The Meeting Minds

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