Events and the In-Between Ft. Gianna Gaudini

What is the future of the event industry? Allow yourself some space to dream a little. Gianna Gaudini is an event planning rockstar who has worked with Google’s Events. She joined us to talk through the future of the industry as well as share some tips from her book! 

You’re in the industry, what are you doing now?

There’s a lot of pivoting going on right now. I’m still very busy, but the kind of work I am doing is very different with the restrictions in place. Slowly all of my live events have been cancelled or postponed, so I have pivoted to help where there are needs.

Give us your background.

Like many of us in the industry, I didn’t set out to be an event planner. When I went to college, there were not a lot of formal event and hospitality degrees at the time. I was studying to be a Doctor and changed my career path. I set out to explore where to start and had a bunch of informational interviews. Continued to build on that career ever since. Landed at google, I was there for 10 years before moving.

You’re also an author, tell us about that.

When I returned from maternity leave I wanted to figure out a way to continue to give back to the community that scaled. I thought I’m just going to pour the knowledge I have gained into a platform, publish a book, and hopefully that will be something that can reach people globally.

It’s applies to anyone who wants to be an event planner, or that is an event planner, or anyone in general that wants to live a life by design. There are tips that are how to work better, smarter, how to build teams and lead teams. How to infuse surprise and delight into your events.

When are live meetings coming back, what is going to change?

There will be a new normal at least for the next couple of years. But first foremost, live events are coming back. If anything, I think when restrictions are lifted, there’s going to be a crazy appetite for in-person events. There will also be some hesitation. Planners are going to be a lot more cognizant of safety measures and following some of the new rules as it comes to social gatherings.

There will be a hybrid model. For the time being you go with the restrictions that are in place you go virtual. What are your goals and how do you use virtual to achieve them? Then you start pivoting, we have people can gather for intimate dinners or we can do a very small event.

You talk about the difference between a generalist and a specialist. Talk to us about that.

I think there’s definitely benefits to both. Generalists are lucky because they go wide rather than deep. They can apply to a lot of different positions. Specialists can also do very well. Especially during a time like this where there might me specialist are in demand.

Event Pet Peeve: When people call me a party planner

Superpower: Ability to juggle, so many things going on

Advice: Look at every new job as an opportunity to add tools to your event tool kit. I think event planning is one of those career where getting on the job experience is the best way to expand your career. You can study and read about events, but until you’ve lived through them, it’s where you really gain that expertise.

Give us some hope: Everything happens for a reason and there’s always something positive that comes out of life’s challenges.

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