Use This Time Don’t Lose This Time Ft. Steve Sims

We are in a unique spot, do you binge Netflix all day or do you use this time to grow and build relationships? Steve Sims is a relational expert and he shares the trick to building relationships that work. You must listen to this episode!

Tell us your story.

From east London, my dad pulled me into the building firm. As a young lad from London, not knowing where I fit I started bouncing off a lot of walls. It didn’t look good for my future. The funny thing was, I ended up being a bouncer. I was working at the door of a nightclub in Hong Kong, as a door man you’re stuck at the door to threaten and intimidate. I used it to stand on a pedestal and watch humanity. So I started to network with affluent people and as I’ve always believed, any relationship you have you need to bring something to the table and so do they.

Get rid of any thing that doesn’t aide, assist, grow, challenge, or make you smile. No one said it’s easy but you have to look after yourself. What you do impacts those around you. Having a negative attitude within your group is like a cancer.

How do we build the relationships we want to have?

Value. It’s very easy it’s even easier today. Go onto google look up images of the person, never read their bio off of facebook or their website. Look up images and see what they are involved in. Then stalk them on twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, find out what they like. People will talk forever about what they like. Bring value to the table. There have been a lot of powerful people I have done that same tactic with and then I’ve gone up to them. Come forward with a solution not an ask. Flip it and go with Hey I like this.

Go into solve don’t sell.

The more you’re solving the less you have to worry about the peripherals. Turn up with value. People love solutions.

You talked about using this time not losing this time…

The first thing to do if you’re in the event space, go back to everything you’ve done and ask yourself this question, “what did I do wrong?” Don’t ask what you did right, ask someone what did I do wrong and analyze. Nothings ever perfect.

Open up your credit card slip and ask yourself, do they aid, grow assist, make me smile? No cancel
Look at your CRM program, social, website. Have you done a social audit?

I find it criminal that so many people are wasting the time that we have. We can’t get it back.

Advice: Dream. In a world of transaction and the transactional society is getting bigger. Do everything today that amazon does and everything that amazon doesn’t do. What it doesn’t do is dream. You can’t create if you don’t dream.

Superpower: My wife says my super power is ignorance. I’ve never been afraid to try something.

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