Relationships are Key: Sales in a Post – COVID World

You have Coffee & Closers, where you educate large groups on different topics. What is the landscape of sales looking like now and how do we adapt?

It’s been one of these things where it’s been a topic I’ve been asked a bit. People have never ever sold over the phone, or never sold the way we are selling now: zoom and virtually. Panic sets in. Thats the case for anything. Change can cause fear in us. Having to change, especially when you’ve been in this model so long it can be scary. What we’re realizing is that the way we’ve done business in the past, some of it is not necessary. We’re getting a lot things done that I don’t think we thought possible. We needed a flight, entertainment budget, expenses to close the deal, we’re finding out maybe we don’t.

The other thing I found changing is the way we approach sales. If you’re familiar with account based marketing, people are now taking that approach towards sales. I can’t just scam you, even if it’s a Q4 or COVID offer. That’s not going to work. Theres three big changes that I don’t think are going to go away.

1. The amount of cost savings we’ve all realized due to not traveling.
2. I call you and I know specific things about you.
3. Virtual is going to stay.

This isn’t the time to sell, this is the time to create relationships.

Absolutely. We’re starting to realize out of default you have to pivot. We’re an events based company too. We had Kris Lindahl and we sold out our first theater show and a week and a half later this hit. I told the team, I think we’re done, the team said no. Because of this I learned the ins and outs of zoom and now we’re launching virtual sales coaching sessions that are flying off the shelves. We’re having more people tuned into our Coffee & Closers events. We’re launching a platform now. I don’t think we would have done any of that, had this not happened.

Pivoting and changing for good, what does that look like?

It’ll be a new normal. Things are going to be very different. Are we going to have hardships, yes. Is it going to end us, no. As a sales person or Entrepreneur we go to work, we close the deal. I’m never worried about where my next deal is coming from. If I hustle I can procure that from selling a deal.

What are some tips and tricks?

Pick up the phone. People try to get away from the phone. When someone reaches out, I find out phone has been fantastic. Do the research, where they are and were at. Find something about them and pair it with curious, truly curious. “Tell me about it.” It’s the secret art of giving a crap. It’s caring, what a concept! Do it intentionally. I’m not going to put COVID in my subject line, it’s been beaten to death, but I have reached out, “I noticed this shift in your business, I’d love to talk about it.” If you have something that is of value…

Leave us with hope.

My hope is that people learn to sell better, and by sell I mean serve. That they learn to sell better.

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