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Tell us about you.

I’ve always been obsessed about communities. I’ve always felt like an outsider, the first truly inclusive community I belonged to, I was 25 and I had some crazy friends who talked me into helping them start a Rugby team. I was with them for 3 seasons, I got injured early on but went through the process of forming the association, learned how to code, wrote all the match reports for the games. In doing so I become a writer. I traveled the world a lot, I was pursuing a professional career as an actress. I moved and ended up coming back working in Media. I worked my way through the company ranks for 15 years and in doing so, I started to pick up jobs. It was easy to pivot and take on more responsibilities and flex your wings. I became the VP of creative as I took over Marketing and Event duties. By the time we sold, I was in charge of everything that wasn’t sales.

Let’s talk about our topic for the day.

It’s interesting if you think about an individual’s response to stress or crisis, typically we go about our day to day. We have our friend group, our work sphere, our family unit, and essential relationships. We tend to focus on ourselves and what we need. When any kind of change happens, people don’t handle it well. People like things that are predictable and that they can count on. In times of crisis you lean on community and realize how vulnerable you are.

Community goes hand in hand with a brainstorming thought process where anything is on the table. Have you started to see cool innovative things come out of these community focused conversations?

Yes. I have my pool of chapter leaders, some of them in addition to managing their chapters, communicate with my team on collaborative calls. In addition to that I have my different communities. We started to see, the agenda we had that we formed in December is no longer relevant and a lot of our meetings kicked off with “Hey what’s going on, what are you seeing?”

What are new standards and conversations you are having at MPI?

There are already places educating hotels on how to update their room specs. 150 person meeting in the past, what you would normally do with room to space ratio, that 150 person meeting Is going to require the space of a 250 person meeting.

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