Silencing the Noise and Distractions

As we transition back into coworking new distractions are bound to take place. Elizabeth Sherry has created a method that helps her complete more work each day!

Tell us about you.

I’ve been lucky to work for a couple of different organizations. I started my background in the social side of events. 2 years ago I made the switch to corporate event planning. I’ve loved seeing the other side of the coin.

Tell us your thought process on why your topic is important.

For 5 years or so people have been talking about work life balance. Recently people have been saying there is no such thing. To this note of turning off the noise so to speak, really my thought process is I’m 110% dedicated at work and I’m 110% dedicated at home. At home I’m a mother and a husband with 2 crazy dogs, it doesn’t give me time to work from home. Which is hard I used to bring my work home with me. Now I need to figure out how in a work day how to get 10-12 hours of work done. In the last few years I have come up with a rhythm that works for me.

Let’s dive in, tell us about turning off the notifications on your phone/email.

Definitely turn off the notifications that come up on your email and phase the rest of these steps in. Turning down the volume on your computer is also huge. I started with my outlook and turned that off. The thing I liked about that is, when you’re typing an email, you’ll glance at the box of an incoming email, it’s a disruption of time. It’s super small, and then go into the social media and turn those off.

What’s next?

Be really strict with your time as much as you can in the workday. It’s ok to say, “Hey I’m too busy unless it’s an emergency. What that looks like is I call it my red zone. I put it on my calendar a few times a week. It’s my golden hour to be productive. For me that’s closing my door.

What about the chat feature, how do you get around this?

We don’t have that at our office. It’s one of those things where you can say, This is my red zone, can I get back to you in two hours? As a professional in the industry you need to learn what is the process you need to get things done and be efficient. As a professional and working with professionals, they understand that. Put that red zone in your calendar.

One of the other things that has been super helpful for me is, sometimes you find yourself in a cycle, you’re just treading water and you continue on this path for far too long. Recently I said we need to break this wheel, we need to break this cycle and get ahead of it. Let’s start looking forward. Ahead of schedule before we would think to begin thinking of that. We initiated an 9,6, 3 month calendar.

My last note would be, as far as turning off the noise, noise is more than something audible. It is clutter, disorganization, something that distracts you is noise.

Pet Peeves: Things not happening on time at an event as well as people not following through on a timeline.

Super power: Work mode.

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