Gratitude and Leadership Ft. Chester Elton

Gratitude is extremely important, especially when it comes to leading others. This week Chester Elton sat down with Charles and Lisa to share how we go about gratitude and why it’s important.

What does it mean to lead with gratitude?

For 20 years my co author and I have been studying Adrian workplace culture, teams, leadership and more. One of the reasons we were so passionate about gratitude is that we saw a lot of the discourse on line, the bullying, the twitter bombs were people would stop talking to each other and they’d start yelling at each other. That was bleeding into business. It was all about compensation they were leading by fear, whether they knew it or not. It was time to get back to human, back to the basics of being kind and gracious. We’ve talked to countless leaders, and the ones that were extraordinary they led with gratitude. They cared about their people, customers, and communities. It was that caring that I’d push to being a nice to have soft skill, very much in the forefront now is a must have hard skill if you’re going to build the company you want with the culture you need.

Why do you think it’s that way? Has corporate culture changed? Or have we realized we should be happy where we work?

It’s hard to really pin point anything. It’s like the story of the boiling frog, if you drop a frog in a boiling pot it’ll jump out but if you heat it slowing you’ll boil it to death. It was so gradual that we really failed to notice. One of the benefits I hope will come out of the COVID pause is that we realize there are a lot of things we can be grateful for. We can be more kind and patient.

When it comes to leading with gratitude how does that apply to those of us who are working in events, traveling, doing all this day to day stuff that we will eventually get back to?

The wonderful thing about leading with gratitude is the accumulation over time. It gives you a lot of good will. In whatever industry you’re in, if you’ve been leading with gratitude and your people trust you and you trust in them, it creates in them safety. When you have to pivot or make a quick change everyone buys in right away.

What can we do as leaders to be better at being grateful and leading with gratitude?

We took 8 best practices for business results. *Listen or watch for the DW40 story*

What do I do with this?

People that are happy and motivated at work are 150% more likely to be happy and motivated in their personal lives. When you create a really great work place, that ripples through the rest of their lives. It can’t help but do that because we spend so much time working. Great leaders all led with gratitude at home.

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