Digital Content in Less than 24 Hours?!

Do you budget for photography at your events? On this episode, Roman Grigoriev of Splento, shares the importance of digital content for your events. Listen to hear three important times to share content for your event and how you can get photos back the SAME DAY as your event!

Splento is your current opportunity, but I know you have a story or entrepreneurship, tell us about that.

Yeah some of the things I probably shouldn’t be saying. There was a thing called work and travel, I’d go to the USA in the summer and there I got the entrepreneurial bug. Then founded a company that mainly sold oxygen, there is a thing in America where they were selling oxygen to bars and clubs, didn’t go well at all. Tried loads of other things and realized I needed to get more corporate experience so I did my masters then I spent 5-7 years in property. I started different companies, all of this experience led to Splento. I don’t call it a project anymore its a life, a commitment. Everything is visual content, it’s a matter of a specific niche in the huge industry that our business can address with lots of pain points to solve.

Explain what you mean by visual content.

To us visual content is anything visual: photography, videography, illustrations, anything visual you consume with your eyes that helps a business sell or explain their story.

How do people actually go through the process of booking a photographer?

There are 2 main groups of clients. One is individual clients, they go after a specific name a specific photographer. There are loads of market places that let you do that, we are not that. There are individuals or businesses that need great imagery to help them sell. They need to make sure the photo or video is in accordance with guidelines. They don’t mind who produces, they need results. We are after that. You go onto our website and click whatever you want and we match you with the right photographer. We guarantee delivery within 24 hours and videography 48 hours. If you’re not happy you will get your money back.

How do you quality control turning it around in 24 hours?

We guarantee if it’s longer, we will refund your money without any questions asked. It’s usually 21 hours, mostly due to photographers not finding the time to edit the photos. Our sales and team takes care of marketing, we have a full team of editors. The only problem with the process is the speed of uploading. If at your event the internet is fast you’ll get your photos the same day, all of them.

Let’s talk about creating engagement through digital content.

It comes back to the idea that we’re digital. Now it ends with people, people are consuming things through digital content. There’s a lot of content but businesses need higher quality.

What is the vision for creating true engagement?

There are 3 main things, with different industries there are different things.

1. Before
2. During
3. After

You need a regular dripping campaign of content. A lot of people forget about it. 10 months later you can post images to keep people warm. You just need great content. During the events, you need visual content. You need highlights of people arriving, of speakers. Afterwards for press or sending out things to keep people engaged. In events you need to think of digital content in three stages.

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