11 Virtual Event Mistakes

Whatever you do, don’t miss #7! Do not make these virtual event mistakes! Take it from us, we’ve been producing virtual events for years and here are common mistakes you should avoid! What mistakes have you seen on virtual events?

11. Hiring the wrong team: Experience is something invaluable. Hire a team that knows what they are doing and that understand you and your message.

10. Structuring on-demand vs. breakouts vs Live: Make sure you put on demand content for on demand. Things you want live, make sure they feel live. If you’re having breakouts, how do you execute on them properly? Make sure you’re differentiating the three.

9. Competing attention: You are competing for the attention of the audience. Their phone and computer are things you are competing against, you need to hold their attention. Don’t host your virtual event on a distracting platform, like YouTube.

8. Cutting Costs: Do not cut costs in the wrong spots, like productions value. Production doesn’t mean just bells and whistles. Optics for a tough time doesn’t mean you need to cut the quality of the product. You may not have all the fancy items and lighting, but don’t cut costs in the wrong places.

7. Not modifying for virtual: People are sitting at home watching, we need to tailor the timeline to understand that. Instead of 8 hours of sessions you may want to cut that to 3 hours. Don’t stay with the way you’ve always done it.

6. Not allocating enough time for planning: Plan early, make sure you spend the time up front. Nothing will be more spent well than on planning.

5. Not investing in video and production quality: You can buy equipment on amazon and do a virtual event, but most of that isn’t reliable. Don’t risk your audience on cheep equipment.

4. Not delivering value: People are taking time to watch your content, it better be great content. Make sure content is tailored to a virtual audience.

3. Confusing software: Make sure the software isn’t confusing. Does this pass the mom and dad test? Could I put my mom and dad in front of it, and could they easily navigate it? Confusion loses people and we do events to bring people together.

2. Presenters looking poorly: Hold up the brand, make sure the presenters look professional the way they would on stage at a live in person event. Don’t settle for a webcam and AirPods.

1. Have live content: Mix in live and pre recorded content so it feels current. Make it feel special and worth their time.

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