Disrupting Event Traditions

Year after year your event can become stale. Use this time of hybrid events to explore disrupting traditional aspects of events. Caitlin Tvrdik has experience doing just this!

How have things been since the pandemic?

We’re a parent company of Snap and Many other fitness brands. The pandemic has been tricky. Happy to report that the entire office staff, franchisee and members are still getting their sweat on at home. We miss seeing faces, but we’ve been pivoting like crazy.

You’re a big piece of the in person experience, when you came in, you mixed things up a bit. Tell us about that and your philosophy around it.

From the brand perspective, it was past time for a brand refresh. We did the global brand relaunch less than one year of me coming into the brand. Along with that, our event is attached to the brand, it’s internal facing, but they took it to the consumers. It was the one touch point throughout the year to make sure the franchisees are aligned.

What did you want to see differently?

One of the major things was, we are a fitness company and I wanted the event to be healthy because if we had a healthier and active event, that’s going to increase peoples ability to learn. If we’re eating good foods, being active, putting our brain in the proper place to take in information, the attendees would have a much better experience.

How do you choose partners and make sure they align to meet your audiences needs?

It all comes back to communication and expectation setting. I haven’t come across a vendor unwilling to work with what we wanted to do, and work within our vision. Its more about being a good communicator.

Tell us about feedback.

We do a survey for franchise owners, exhibitors, staff members, all different. Every question is a structured question with a box where you can fill in additional comments. We will send the survey out the day after the event and we will resend it out a few times. 6 months before we start getting into the next years planning we will send it out again just in case. It’s interesting to see what thoughts are still ruminating and important 6 months later.

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