Living Your Best Life Ft. Pam Christian

How do you live your best life and how do you get out of your own way? This week, Pam Christian, a mindset coach joined Paige and Lisa to share ways to grow and overcome obstacles. This episode will help change the way you think!

Pam tell us your story.

I’m excited to spread this around because I think that we’re in a state right now in our lives in general, even pre pandemic and it more so during the pandemic where we are having trouble getting out of our own way and living our best lives. So for me, I actually came from a lot of challenges, obstacles, trauma. I decided that I just didn’t want to live at space anymore. It just wasn’t working for me. My focus became, how will I crawl out? What will I do? What steps, what measures will I take to get myself to where I can see beyond the patterns that had been created for me or that I had created for myself. I spent pretty much my whole teenage to adult life doing it. And now I’m here and I’m on the other end of it. You get to experience the benefits along the way, but I always say to people, it is not a destination. It is a journey. So don’t be looking for that end spot when you’re going to get there, because I think that’s why people give up and they decide not to continue with it because they don’t see the results they want, and you just got to keep going. So that’s sort of my background.

Do you think anyone can recover from trauma?

I think anyone can it’s do they want to, sometimes we like living in our trauma because, I was just talking to a friend about this; what happens is you get used to that feeling. So you are actually creating that life within yourself it was initiated by an event that happened or something that triggered it. But now it’s all you and you’re deciding to stay there and people always say, what’s your ideal coach? My ideal coaching clients is always someone who’s coachable. Who’s open because it’s very hard to penetrate someone who’s not. Everyone can transform it’s where are you in the journey? And then it’s me meeting you or coach or a person meeting you where you are not where I want you to be. You have to meet the people where they are, and when you meet them, where they are, then you come up with everyday bite-size tools and tips to help them get to the next rung and the next rung in the ladder. And that’s how they get out, but anyone can get out.

And it seems like it’s so hard and I’ve even experienced this myself. If you, if you have a little setback free to just sort of give up.

Actually the setbacks are where the magic happens. We all want to be on the other side. We want to be where it’s all glorious and great. The thing is, you can’t get to the other side. If you don’t go through it, you’re never going to get to the other side. You’re just going to keep repeating the trauma. And the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

Where do you start?

Just start noticing, just they’re noticing what’s going on in your head. Start noticing your thoughts. Start noticing your body. You just start kind of sifting through what’s going on in our mind. Because just because we have a thought, it doesn’t make it true. It doesn’t make it a reality, but we take it as face value and we don’t challenge it. So the noticing the witnessing and the observing of ourselves allows us to become conscious and aware. And out of that sleepwalking translate state that so many of us are living in. And when we come out of that translate state, we can actually make changes.

Where we start with getting in the right mindset of growing?

If you want to growth mindset, you have to live a growth life. The thing that is so cool is that you can create this before you take the steps to it by just imagining it. So imagine yourself in that role. So let’s say we’re going to go with just the growth mindset you want to, you want to grow. And so you look at leaders that are growth leaders. I’m going to make up some like John Maxwell and Tony Robbins, whoever your person is, and you study them and you start learning what they do. And you may not like everything they do, but you start imagining the things you do like, and you create this picture for yourself. You’ve already taken the first step there, even though nothing’s manifested in 3 D reality and real in this physical world, your subconscious is already on its way there. And so that’s the first thing I would do, identify what you want.

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