Small Event Changes to Change the World

The world doesn’t change by one person going trash free. Caitlin Hume from Kindred has a passion for sustainability and it’s so much more than being green. Listen to ways you can make small changes at events to make an impact. 

Tell us about you?

I work at Kindred a small startup based in NYC, around social impact. I started my career working at the front desk of a company in DC run by a group of amazing women. Worked my way up from answering phones and packing backpacks to running operations for 2 city wide clients. I was in DC for 4 years and then moved to New York. I worked there for another 4 years and was ready to try something new. I joined Kindred in December.

What brought you to wanting to be in the sustainability side?

It’s something Kindred asked me too, I grew up outside of Baltimore. I was outside all the time as a kid, so environmental impact has always been a big focus of mine. I love my job. I’ve always loved the connections and excitement that comes from events, I love designing experiences. When I saw this posting for Kindred, bringing together the nations top executives working in any kind of ASG field, I could not pass up the opportunities to mix my two passions.

We’re hearing the pandemic has been good for the environment, I’d like to hear your perspective.

Like you said, it’s undeniable, some parts have been great for the environment, canals in Venice are clear, dolphins are coming back. There’s been 25% reduction of carbon emissions. They are anticipating year round an 8% decrease in CO2 commissions. It’s great. Fishing has gone done and that’s helped over fishing, sea turtles are laying eggs on beaches once avoided. On the flip side, you’re seeing deforestation go way up because officials are too busy preventing covid to be on the watch, poaching is going up in Africa. These fishers now, because the demand for fish has gone down, what are they doing to keep food on the table for their families? The annual climate summit was scheduled for November may now be pushed back another year. Virtual, while I think it has opened up accessibility for a wide range of people, but we also know we are human creatures and we connect better face to face. It’s yes and no.

Do you think we will do things more consciously of how we are impacting our world moving forward?

I really hope this will change the viewpoints and the way that planners go about sourcing their meetings. I do think sustainability is very important but can be hard to get buy in for right?! Something we have seen, given the past 3-5 months, massive multi-billion global companies are coming out and making very progressive and aggressive stances that they are doing more to give back to their stake holders. What we are seeing is that consumers want to see that kind of behavior. Your decision matters to your consumer, you can bring that fact to your boss.

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