Level Up and Raise Your Voice

Why should you focus on personal branding? In this episode Juliet Tripp joins us to talk all about personal branding how you can level up!

Tell us about you.

I have worked in the world of events for 10 years. I am from the UK, based in England, but I work on international events and conferences. I work for chemical watch and I organize international conferences and events. Now it’s more virtual and hybrids. I truly love this industry so I’ve thrown my heart and soul into it. I do a lot of blogging, social media content, and that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

At what point did you realize working on your brand was important?

I fell into doing this, I fell into events. I never intended to have a career in events and I fell into building my personal brand. I realized on social media I was posting a lot of photos of hotels and canopies and my friends and family were getting bored. I created a separate instagram account and started posting about events. People are engaging and asking questions so then I started a blog. Then that led onto speaking and from then on it’s been a snowball effect. Building my personal brand has been instrumental in getting me where I am today.

Where do you suggest people to start dabbling in building their brand?

The real starting point, not what people think, it’s working out who you are and what you have to offer the world. What is your niche, your superpower? I like to say that a personal brand is your storefront. If you’re walking down the street what would your storefront look like? Then narrow down on your mission statement and what you can offer. Your personal brand is everything about you it’s more than content, it’s about how you show up off line. It’s what others say about you, how you show up in interviews.

What pieces of information do you give to people trying to stand out from the crowd?

It’s doing the work, doing the research on yourself and your skillsets. If there’s something you feel like you can offer the world, are you actually practicing that? If you’re not then you’re going to get called out at some point. Do the work. Realize what is the community you want to serve. Write out who you are in one tweet. You have to narrow it down and figure it out exactly. If you bump into someone in the street then you can tell them exactly who you are without fluff.

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