Wine and Events

Two of our favorite things: wine and events! Listen to this episode as Brianne Cohen talks about how she has combined these two things post COVID.

How did you get into the wine business?

I started studying wine for fun. There are classes you can take as a wine lover to further broader your knowledge base. Then when I got to level four, it was the stepping stone to the master of wine, the top level. It was a 3 year program with about 7 or 8 exams. I pushed pause for a year. My husband pushed me to do it and I started doing it in 2015 and took me about 2 1/2 years. I came out with that certificate. Now I’m an event producer and wine educator.

How have you stayed busy and inspired?

Yeah things have been different especially in the event production side. Everything overnight just changed. The term I am coming up with for my event business is that it’s in hibernation. It took a while to come to terms with that. I really had a moment of clarity in the beginning. I realized I was at ground zero for businesses that were not going to be happening. Very early on I got right with that. What really came to me, is the idea and saying, I haven’t gotten around to it. Now if you look at my todo list, it was the things I hadn’t gotten around to.

Having a strong personal brand is so important.

Yes, your intuition and gut tell you a lot. I realized once the pandemic hit, my eggs are in one basket. You kind of know that’s not the healthiest balance in your business. I had already been building a personal brand on the wine side. I realized the event side I had never cultivated a personal brand. As producers we’re so used to being the people in the background. A lot of people in this business are not used to fanning out and using their voice and speaking as a subject matter expert.

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