The Success Formula for the Creatives

Marla Diann is the mentor to the creatives. In this episode she starts to unpack how you can achieve your goal in under a year. Check this episode out!

Tell us about you.

I spent 22 years in the entertainment industry, I was a publicist and a talent manager. I started getting this divine discontent. Right around that same time I was personally not enthusiastic anymore, that’s when everything started changing on the landscape. My whole industry of PR was turning into social media. There was a lot of innovation happening. I went ok, I need to reinvent me. I need to figure out how I’m going to get to this online thing, and what is a blog? How do you do PR online. Long story short after about a year of researching, I got a mentor and many mentors, I found this coach that basically said look you can turn your expertise into a product. I said ok. It was that coach and several more coaches that taught me how to build a mentoring and coaching business based on my expertise. My first iteration of what my 12 year old business was a personal branding coach for entrepreneurs. Over the years, you have to be changing too, I’ve gone through some of the most rich but hard 12 years of my life.

I’m interested, 1 year of goals achieved in 6 weeks. What does this mean?

I’m very passionate about this because the solution comes from my own breakdown back in 2017. Years ago. That lead to major break through. It has been my new normal ever since that I now pass on to my clients. I put together this content today to give you a highlight of what that means. I’m teaching my clients to collapse the time frame of what they think it’s going to take to achieve a desire or goal. We don’t really think or question the status quo of our brain that says it’s going to take a year. Says who?!

Right, we all have those thoughts, but maybe it doesn’t.

Yeah based on what metrics are you telling yourself it’s going to take a year. I get to go in there and say, no we are going to recalibrate that. Part of that has to do with my creative achievement formula. You have to have that formula. Desires are different from goals. The difference between is our desires literally come from our hearts. It’s the bigger vision. It’s what really drives you. It fires you up, your passion. A goal helps you get there. My formula is desire first + the goals = the result.

Advice for those starting out…

Get a coach. I don’t care what you have to do to come up with the money, get a coach. If you don’t have one from the get go, it’s going to be a long road.

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