Industry Update: What YOU Can Do to Bring Back Live Events

In this special episode, Paige sits down with Kate Patay to talk through all the things we can do in the industry to help usher back large events. Do not miss this episode, there are practical things you can be doing!

For those who don’t know who you are, give us your story.

I started over 20 years ago on the events side in hotels, casinos, catering and events director. I switched the supplier side for a handful and for about 4 years I’ve had my own consulting firm. Working with a rental company or luxury hotel, looking at their brand and seeing how they look at themselves. Events in general bring us together. That’s who I am the cheerleader for. I work with SEARCH Foundation and connecting with great people. It’s all about our joint community.

Highlight what you have been seeing and been involved in, in opening vs not opening and how it affects states.

Every state is so different and within every state, even the counties are different. There’s not a one size fits all which makes sense for different areas and population density, but there needs to be a stronger set of guidelines and standards for people. There’s a lot of individual voices, different coalitions, it’s important for us to act as one community and be pushing for standards and regulations throughout. We come up with every risk management plan out there, we make sure everyone has been safe from the get go before it was COVID. We manage risk constantly, that’s our jobs. Give us some guidelines and allow us to create.

What are you seeing on a local level you can do to make the change or start to educate your local or state officials?

There’s so many resources out there, we don’t need to recreate the wheel. These companies in different areas have created some incredibly strong guidelines we can work from. They’ve even written the letters for us to say what we need as professionals to go back to work.

Live Events Coalition
Meetings Mean Business Coalition

All of those letters are there and they exist you can send them electronically. They have all the emails for the senators and people that need to hear the messaging. As an industry we are behind the scenes for the most part. For us to have our collective voices join together on that side and speak up saying who we are what we do and why we are important, we contribute trillions of dollars to the economy every year yet this industry hasn’t been taken care of like others. Send those letters out have us be heard together jointly.

What can we do to be heard jointly and have a unified voice?

It’s on us. First off we need to drop any egos that are there. We are one community and it doesn’t matter to me, it’s not a credit thing. We just need to do this together. We all really do work together. Right now we are fragmenting a little bit, we all fall under the same umbrella we need to work together to make it happen vs saying your going to advocate for weddings vs live plays or concerts. We all really do the same thing at the end of the day. We are gathering people face to face.

It’s interesting seeing what is all required from people. We are finally getting to see it play out. With anything there’s going to be a little bit of trial and error. But the minds, and software on this to make sure it’s correct, it’s going to be fun to see.

We are the industry who can do this and do it effectively.

Anyone listening to this knows you get more done in person. Zoom isn’t the same, human connection can never be replaced. We are doing a great job but it’s the face to face. We need to send out those letters, make sure the officials know what we do behind the scenes.

What are creative things out there you see outside of letters, emails, phone calls that have been effective in showing people we can do this safely?

We have been hosting empty events we’ve seen them all over the country and it’s putting together what events do look like for us to highlight the different positions outside of work right now. The case pushes are really cool you put your things in a case and push it’s not a protest or a demonstration but it shows we are here. Take part in those and be heard. We have another call this afternoon to talk about how do we get in front of the people making decisions for us and getting that time on their calendar.

For those planning in a corporation, how do they convince their leadership it’s safe?

Share the stats and info that those organizations have out there. I like to be frank and open with my conversations. I preface it by saying I was a part of this group here’s what I saw and I’d love your support.

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