Rewiring your Mind for a Growth Mindset

How do you continue to push boundaries and have a superpower of influence? Sean Callagy, of Unblinded Mastery joins us to share all about growth, sales, and changing your mindset!

Tell us about you.

I started to go blind and was unable to play professional baseball which was my dream back in the day. I had to figure out my life and I thought, I’ll go to law school. Everyone was like don’t go to law school. I get there and I graduate and I won the game of law school. At the end of the day I start working my dream job and realize the people who have freedom, were the ones who had the super power of influence and knew what to do with it. I didn’t have that power.

What do you do and what is unblinded mastery.

Today I own a 125 person law firm. I spend about 3 hours per week running. I have business ownership. I run a company called unblinded, it’s designed to help people see what they don’t see and exponentially grow their sales. It’s understanding how to unleash the superpower of influence. I am not not a sales trainer but it’s so much more.

What is the difference between sales and influence?

I think the word sales education leadership coaching training is all about going from hello to yes. That’s all they all are. I think when people come into the space of selling, there’s an air immediately. You read someone’s 99 books of closing and how to close this.

How do you start to disrupt the sales stigma?

First, we can rewire anything in our brain. Once we step into a growth mindset, we can rewire anything.

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