Productivity, Building an Empire, and So Much More!

Scale Up Your Business Podcast host, Nick Bradley joins us on Meeting Minds this week. How can we be more productive during this time and how can we create more productive experiences at events?! These and so many more questions are answered. 

Tell us about you, and how did you get such a successful podcast?

Let’s start with the podcast, it has been going for just under 2 years. I launched it off the back of a couple of different things. I had a whole career in private equity investment. I started the podcast because I wanted to get my voice out there in a way that was going to help people. I had all this experience helping business that were not performing. I needed to balance a way of giving back. I launched Scale Up your Business. It went to number 1 really quickly in the UK and it was because I talk about all the stories, scars, battles of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. It’s about how do you have to show up as a leader to be able to create something extraordinary.

Yes, I love that you start with how do we become better leaders first.

I often say its about identity. Some people shake their heads when I say that. A lot of people who start businesses, is not necessarily the best person to scale the business. What it does mean that as the founder you have to continually learn and grow. That can be quite a different transition.

It’s funny the perception people have of being and entrepreneur…

Yeah and I used the term the rollercoaster, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. A lot of it comes down to managing and leading yourself. At the same time, I look back over my career, and there have been the diving trips and the amazing helicopter rides. The thing I like to say to people, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but for those who are you get the whole spectrum.

People ask me all the time what is the definition of scale up, people understand start up. There’s usually not much around other than an idea and a problem to be solved. One of the things I say is it’s from chaos to complexity. Some people operate better in either of those two worlds.

How do we be more productive? And how do we help the experiences we are creating be more productive?

The one thing that I believe is that the need that experiences provide hasn’t gone away. People still need to connect, have experience, and learn. The need hasn’t gone away just because we are being constrained. Experience can still be created virtually with creativity and a few different things.

In terms of productivity, the pace of change is just accelerating like we’ve never seen before. If you are giving yourself a year to achieve something or three years, you’ve got to hold yourself a little more to an account and more confidence with what you can get done with precision and intention, if you’re focused on your time. I’m on what you call a 90 day cadence. If you give yourself a year to achieve something it will take a year. If you give yourself 90 days, it will take 90 days. A week in 90 days is not much time, a week in a year, you can relax a bit. Set out this 90 day cadence, set of results you want to achieve. Then forget about it and bring yourself into a weekly and daily level of discipline. I always plan my week on a Sunday it takes about 90 minutes and I plan what it takes to get my week’s goals done. I have all the big blocks scheduled. It’s not all about business, I have personal blocks in there, everything that is important. My schedule is planned around the important things, not what other people think is important for me.

The term empire sometimes has a negative connotation to it, how do you build an empire for good?

The people I work with that are major entrepreneurs, a lot of them are unclear in what they are trying to create. I ask is there something more here…There are people who are attracted to the idea that that level of scale and influence creates greater impact.

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