Ditch Your Business-to-Boring Mentality ft. Tim Glomb

We are bringing in the new year with Tim Glomb, VP of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital! Tim shares how to get outside your comfort zone, fuel creativity, and create a head-turning event. Make sure you check it out!

What is your background?

I’m an entertainment guy at heart, I’m probably close to 25 years in. I worked in the music business all through the 90s, groups like Everclear and Motley Crue. As I watched the decline of music and hard sales, I moved over to television. We had a production company, produced a lot of content for MTV, and ultimately got tapped by Mark Cuban to go rebrand his TV network. Entertainment is my long thread.

Tell me about Cheetah Digital? Has it been effected by Covid-19?

Yeah, everybody has been effected. Some of our clients are in the retail space and have been hit really hard, but others have done really really well. Some of our clients have accelerated their digital transformation and been forced to do that. My job as head of content is to go tell great stories; of our clients, of our products, or our solutions – and do that in a compelling way. And I gotta say it’s been a ton of fun. This year has given us more flexibility just content wise.

Yes, that has been forced on people but why not take the leap now.

I agree, and even some people on our team thought it would be a negative, saying we used to do a great in-person event. But I look at the positive, this is a giant opportunity to do something new, and fun, and more. And the people that view this as a new opportunity are really excelling.

How has Cheetah Digital worked to put on new event experiences this year?

With my long history in production, I understand making an event something to scale across eyeballs on digital. But not everybody has those resources. So, it was fun to talk with our clients and tell them we’re going to try something new. We will use your point of view in your own landscape, BUT in a comedic way. If you could ever get away with having some fun, now is the time. You just have to think differently. I brought on Tommy Lee to talk about email marketing and it was like fish out of water. And it was just funny and it got attention and got people over to us and over to our solutions.

No one would expect him to be the face of it, we had millions of views on LinkedIn. It’s that difference maker. You can also do simple things, you can do animation. Back to Zoom fatigue, we had client all over the globe that were at home, and we animated them. We did 12 or 13 hours of client success stories in animation and it wasn’t expensive and it was different. And everybody loved their character.

So what makes for a successful virtual event and what have you learned?

The number one thing is you gotta get outside of your comfort zone, you have to be on that edge. Our CEO looked at me sideways when I said we’re writing a check to Tommy Lee and Motley Crue, it was a big leap, but it paid off. So getting out of your comfort zone is one thing. Two, be creative. Your story, whether it be stats and fact driven, outcome driven, whatever it is, find a unique way. Are there small things you can do to do things differently is my main advice to anybody.

How do you guys think of this stuff?

My team learned quickly that anything can be on the table. Anybody can have what they think is a great idea in a marketing meeting, but when you start to open that up, some great ideas can come out of it. And yeah, ideas come up that just can’t be done. One idea I didn’t think we could do, I had this idea for me and a company CMO to jump out of a plane. We were going to jump out and land in a field with our computers and kick off the event. I wanted to be creative, I wanted to be different, and they I had never seen it done before. And we did it! It was seamless. But, one thing you can’t cover up is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of your story and your value with just gimmick – it will fall flat.

Any more fun stories of something you are working on right now?

Yes if you go to CheetahDigital.com you can see our case studies and success stories. Now, we are always looking for that. What’s the visual hook? What’s beyond just the meat and potatoes?

What are tips for those in the event production industry?

One thing I watched was Zoom fatigue. We try to get our clients to watch something we’re producing and people have limited bandwidth and don’t wanna stare at screens all day. But what we found was that differentiation was working. We got higher metrics. Having interaction was really meaningful, or event just social, or even SMS. And really, we are doubling down on video. Video is everything. Try to ditch your business-to-boring mentality.

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