Why All Event Professionals Should Care About Esports ft. Rebecca de Freitas

This week on Meeting Minds we dive into the world of Esports! We speak with event producer and founder of Shoutcaster Ltd, Rebecca de Freitas, who recently completed a Masters thesis on Esports. We discuss the future of events from an Esports perspective, and explain why all event professionals should care about this industry. Learn how you can use this technology to your advantage to engage your audience effectively!

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“Gen Z + Esports: Digitizing the Live Event Brand”

You are the founder of Shoutcaster LTD, tell us a little bit about that.

Shoutcaster Ltd. is an Esports media conglomerate. The idea behind the podcast and the other media channels is that we are able to shout through the noise of over monetization in the Esports world, and bring this freshness to the space through executive interviews. Esports has really filled the space of digital world for events now. I also completed a thesis on Gen Z and Esports digitizing the live event brand.

How did you get to this point?

I started at the National Retail Federation and that introduced me to the mega-level of events. I then was recruited by an event service company called Freeman. I then was accepted to Georgetown University and started by research. The theme I’ve learned while navigating the events and hospitality industry is that there isn’t one path its a really creative industry.

What do you mean events are a ghost industry?

As part of my career I was able to go to Congress and advocate to representatives how much events contributed to a communities economy. However, this functions as a ghost economy that no one really knows about. The circular economy of events is not really noticed until it is no longer available. Events is having the moment of being a ghost economy getting digitized for the sake of revenue. Kids are now introducing their parents to a whole new market and form of revenue.

Why is it so hard for older generations to let Esport come into the events space?

There is definetely a knowledge gap of how this can be legitimate.

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