11 Virtual Event Mistakes

Whatever you do, don’t miss #7! Do not make these virtual event mistakes! Take it from us, we’ve been producing virtual events for years and here are common mistakes you should avoid! What mistakes have you seen on virtual events?

Do this, Not that

We are in the midst of virtual and hybrid events being the norm. How do you plan for them? What platform do you use? This week we sat down with Megan Finnell from MGMA to talk all about this. Listen for some tips to help you on your virtual event journey!

Certifications, Safety, and More ft. Mark Catuogno

There are so many certifications out there and on this episode we chat with Mark Catuogno about which one’s are worth your time! What about event safety? Yes! There are certifications as event professionals your team should get.

Technology to Help Usher Back In-Person Events

In – person events are coming back and when they do, how do we create a safe and healthy environment? Proxfinity has a solution to help ease us into live events while maintaining social distancing and Lisa Carrel tells us about it!

How to Bring Value as an Event Partner

Our events will thrive or die by the partners we bring on board. Allison Pieter of Cassis Productions shares how to be a partner that brings value.