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Own Your Event For The Owners In The Room

Caitlin, the VP of Global Marketing joins us to talk about creating an event for those who own part of the business.

How did you start your career and end up here?

Middle of the career, I grew an agency from 6 to 50 people that was a lot of fun. I learned that I really love marketing for industries I care about and personally invested in. When the time was right I transitioned to the corporate side of things, enter snap fitness. I am a personal fitness fanatic so it is a perfect fit. When I entered the corporate side of things it was a bit different. On the agency side you are looking at more singular tasks, now we are looking at an entire global brand and making sure our franchise’s are having a great experience. It’s been a lot of fun and one of the fastest brand turn arounds.  Snap is in 27 countries and hopefully a couple more as of September!

How do you put on an event like yours and what are you considering when you are bringing the owners into one event?

It’s a big thing to wrap your mind around. The first thing we consider is what will bring value to them?  What will help them grow their business’? The business and fitness industry are changing!

How do you decide what will bring value to them?

A lot of it is based on industry trend, we start looking ahead and making predictions on what will be relevant this year. A lot is also analyzing numbers, and looking at where in trends can we identify areas of the business side of things that needs to be elevated a bit?

When filling the main stage, how do you decide what will bring value?

A lot is revenue based. We look at the structure of Snap Fitness club and how they bring in revenue on a daily basis. For us it’s a lot of personal training. How can we do more of that and how can we do that better?

What are they coming expecting?

They want to leave the event two days later with their brains busting at the seam with actionable items they can bring back to the club and implement the next week. 

For the networking portion how do you encourage them to start talking?

We are all turning into mini wedding planners and plotting the tables and strategically placing people with different business strengths. During these breakout sessions and workshops we have times planned where you collaborate together. 

When you started you really had to start with a drawing board, how did you do that, what inspired you?

Part of it was my own knowledge of the fitness industry, a little bit of it was data, more recently we did a big research project with corroborated the data points we had. We hired a firm recently but prior it was internal. 

Superpower: No sleep, I operate on 4 hours a day

Advice: Do your research and ask for feedback, don’t make assumptions

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