Technology to Help Usher Back In-Person Events

In – person events are coming back and when they do, how do we create a safe and healthy environment? Proxfinity has a solution to help ease us into live events while maintaining social distancing and Lisa Carrel tells us about it!

Digital Content in Less than 24 Hours?!

Do you budget for photography at your events? On this episode, Roman Grigoriev of Splento, shares the importance of digital content for your events. Listen to hear three important times to share content for your event and how you can get photos back the SAME DAY as your event!

“Rewired for Distractions” Ft. Brian Solis

Why do we reach for our phone continually, and why do we buy online the things we do? Brian Solis is a digital anthropologist and he shares with us what it means to be “rewired for distractions”.

Tech That Will Work for Us

On this last episode of season three we called Charlie of Eventerprise and learned about a tech that will make all of our lives easier!

Tell us about you.

I started out being sent to Dubai to the middle East with a company who said, the middle East, see how fertile that territory is for starting a business. And I did and I was there for a while. And lo and behold, the company decided that after a while it felt that other postures were more lucrative, which basically meant that having done my homework in the middle East, I was free to do my own thing. It was like a wild town, and it was a big town trying to become a bigger town with a lot of sort of pioneers, entrepreneurs, what have you coming in and doing all sorts of things. I needed a niche. And I went back to the U K and I met with a sheep farmer who supplemented his income by renting tents. It got me thinking as Dubai was building itself up and trying to build in corporate and build its face on a lot of corporate investment. It got to the point where I said, right, I’m going to take the plunge. So I bought a couple of tents to come out to the middle East and 18 years later, I was fortunate enough to sort of have exited from it and prove it worked. I’ve now sort of co- joined to be partners to build an industry wide solution to a problem that exists for the events industry globally.

So I feel like the event world, there’s like, it’s polarizing because half the events world is very strong and the technology, right? When it comes to the communication technology, it’s always been one of those challenges where you’re like, gosh, there’s a huge opportunity sitting here. I just don’t know who’s going to go do it.

Yeah you’re absolutely spot on there. If you look at the landscape of the events industry and let’s face it, every event has got any number of moving parts. What we have done is taken another look at the event tech space and said, let’s build a platform, a vertically agnostic platform that enables the client to connect with a vendor, supplier, event professional planner to help them pull off an event irrespective of where they are, enabling them to be able to find a vendor within the proximity of their event and who in turn can submit proposals to that particular client. So we have simply built a conduit platform much like the platform for the wedding industry that exists out there. The knot and wedding wire are two platforms for one event vertical. Here is a means for a vendor to be able to be seen by a client and to be found within the proximity of where that person’s events happening. It’s fairly straightforward.

There are various examples of what Eventerprise does, but geographically confined or confined to a particular vertical in this case the knot or WeddingWire. Okay. No one has been able to do this on a vertically agnostic basis.It’s not so much a directory if you like it very much enables a client to basically sit back. You could be doing this for the first time in your life and all you’ve got to rely on at that moment in time is people’s recommendations and they might lead you down the wrong path.

Is this service available worldwide?

We’ve spent the last sort of four years building the platform under the radar and across various hubs around the world. We’ve got hubs in Singapore and in Munich and San Francisco down here in Cape town, in Munich, and in Zurich, and Switzerland where we do various particular functions of the business. So we have up until this minute in time being building vehicles. So if I can use the metaphor here, we built the vehicle, this racing car that can now race and we don’t want to race this racing car anywhere else, but in the States we’re looking at launching. So we’re about to launch the platform for revenue generation for its first time in the U S. Los Angeles being our initial go to market city, but the platform has been built, it’s tested and it’s functioning, it’s mobile first and it’s ready to go. It’s really been built around the promise that we are events people as well. So we know the void, that the eventerprise platform fills.

What makes Eventerprise different?

We’re not a directory, we’re literally a conduit platform that enables. We’re able to let you sit back and by the way of an RFP, send them out. There’s no transaction fee, we are simply facilitating between the two of you.

If I think about this further, you’ve created a platform that’s going to allow different parts of different verticals in the industry to communicate better with each other and build trust with each other through this platform.

Very much you’re absolutely right. We’re trying to bridge the imbalance and trying to bring some sort of credibility and reliance and validation to everybody in the events industry. We want everybody to win. It’s a simple design.

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Believe it or Not, Everyone is a Sales Person!

Karen Gordon of Goodshuffle shares some information gold this week!  With a super power of empathy, she shares some helpful tips for those starting out in the events world.  

You have to tell us about your career.

I started in tech sales and decided I never wanted to work in sales and technology again, and now I find myself heading up sales for a tech company. I decided to leave because I wanted to get into events, I quit that job and started to do events for Living Social. They had a huge presence out of DC. I worked in their adventures division. They tapped me for a new division, they opened a live event venue. 7 stories, a speakeasy basement bar, test kitchen. We’d be running 7 different events in one night. I moved over into a creative sales role.  I worked in the live event space for a long time, did logistics, sales, creative, budgeting. That sadly closed down, we were ahead of our time. I went on and worked at several different startups in the DC area. 

What is Goodshuffle?

It’s bringing powerful modern technology to the event world. We are in an on demand society, there are a lot of last minute changes and decisions that get made. And you know all the inventory you have to manage, and a last minute change could mean changing a contract last minute, letting a warehouse know… all of that can be a huge disaster. We are on a mission to solve that. Goodshuffle Pro is software for these companies so you can have photo driven proposals, that are interactive, you can make last minute changes, pay online. 

What is your role?

My title is VP of Growth. I’m in charge of everything related to business development. Goodshuffle is pretty small still, half a dozen full time within our office. We work with tons of part time and contractors, but we are still small. It’s crazy, I was the first employee, there were three of us and we didn’t launch the GS Pro software until January of last year and we are in 42 states, Canada, and Mexico already.

You were tasked at ILEA Live to talk about powerful language tell us about that.

We talked about branding and finding your voice. Everyone has different versions of powerful language. I encourage everyone to do branding exercises. We were talking about how powerful language can help your sales style.  Listen for specific examples!

Sounds like this is applicable in many situations.

One of the things I said is some of you may not think you are sales people but everyone is a sales person. 

What advice do you have for people new in the events industry?

In the events industry there are a lot of paths you can take. A lot of people who I talk to that are successful, it’s because they saw other opportunities and pivoted. Even myself, I didn’t stay in core events but used it to be in event technology. 

People get really eager to get to the top in any role. That is especially true in events. I was talking to a guy who thinks he wants to be in events and he was complaining and I said it doesn’t matter if you get to the very top, most people if you’re a good boss you’re also rolling up your sleeves and moving things across the floor. You really need to love it. 

Super power: Empathy, understanding people very quickly

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