Turn Your Setback Into a Comeback ft. Courtney Stanley

Kick off the new year with some wisdom! This week, event speaker Courtney Stanley joins the podcast to talk about growth in a difficult year, building confidence, and 2020 as the year of hindsight. Make sure you check it out!

What is your background?

I have been in the industry for a decade now. I stepped in with intention. I interned at the Country Music Association and helped with the CMA awards but long story short I worked as a corporate event planner, worked for an event tech, and most recently worked for political org based in Michigan that works to pass laws that protect environment and public health. But, in 2020 I took the leap to be a full-time public speaker. 

What are helpful transition strategies you’ve used in this year?

I started out this year and I felt pretty good, there was good cash flow. I was obviously stressed, and having fear of the unknown. And in March literally 80% of my contracts cancelled. I was annoyed with myself that I had chosen this time to start my venture, and it took a lot of work to reconfigure what my year would look like. I needed to go back to the ‘why’ of when I went off on my own. I needed to get back to the heart of my launchpad and what I was basing my business on – which was creating meaningful content and starting meaningful conversations. And to help people seize silver linings. The strategy that really worked for me was to just connect with people. Over the off months I just built my brand and come August my schedule blew up. It can work to pivot and I can’t imagine what 2021 is going to be like. 

What advice to you have for those that didn’t have a strong financial and professional year?

First, it is not unusual to find yourself in a place of unemployment and there is a stigma around losing your job. It is difficult and makes you question your value and makes you question your career but my advice is this all happens for a reason and although its cheesy its true. There is a lesson to be learned. So, my best advice is to focus on yourself and learn a lesson and focus on your skills and think about tings you wanna grow into. This is an opportunity This year wasn’t fun but there were so many lessons along the way. 2020 is the year of hindsight.

What are ways people can affirm their worth in limited circumstances? 

There are things you can do to root yourself in your sense of worth. I do career and confidence coaching and some of the exercises help you identity your core drives, what are you most afraid of and what do you most seek. The first step in building your confidence is knowing who you are. Confidence is presenting who you are to the world. I also use the “High-five” assessment, telling you your strengths and showing you how these five things make you unique and puts words to your strengths. After doing these the real work starts and making sure you hit pause when you hear your inner-critic and feel you have imposter-syndrom. Also, making sure your circle and the people you surround yourself with are positive influences.

Final words of motivation for listeners? 

I would tell listeners to consider this a restart. Our industry is going to make a massive comeback in Q2 or Q3 of this year. So, start making new goals and make this a new opportunity to grow and level-up in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise. Turn a setback into a comeback. 

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Tell us about you.

I came from a broken home and being a young kid you think that’s ordinary and normal, you adapt to that and get used to things that are not normal. A lot of conflict with the parents, step-parents, child support, custody. Sometimes the conflict gets taken out on the kids. A very awkward situation built me. You could go down the wrong road or good road, I chose the good road.

3 years ago I realized my purpose, I am going to help millions of people, that’s where the journey started. It’s just been telling my story to let people relate and how I can help them.

How do we find our own story in all of this?

I have one dominating rule I live off of. My podcast is called “what are you made of” negative self-talk pulls you backward. Self-talk is a very important tool to use. The dominating rule is to turn off setbacks, letdowns, and negativity. This includes people, turn it into rocket fuel for the future. Once you become aware that your life isn’t the same, you look for setbacks and limits because you understand what it’s for. Successful people always look to solve problems and challenges, unsuccessful people are always running from them.

How do you find peace where we are now and yet escape from what is holding us down?

When there’s something that happens, like an adversary like COVID, the first thing is to acknowledge it right away. Too many people waste time worrying about the problem instead of trying to solve it. When things happen I am always looking above at the whole of it. It’s an energy and focus thing, shift your focus and figure out what you need to do, not to survive but thrive and go after it.

Let’s talk about building up others.

In our organization I always look at people who don’t necessarily have experience in what we do, I want people that are good quality people, they want to do good, they are willing to learn, and they have a great attitude. I’ll teach them the rest, if they have those qualities, the sky is the limit.

Leaders need to invest in their people, and share the goals of the organization with the person’s goals and make sure they align. Any people’s problems in an organization or a team become the companies problems. Focus on that on a daily basis, anything worth doing at all is worth doing every day!

How do you know when someone is ready to improve themselves?

There’s a stage, stages you go through. When people come to work at our company we have a 1 on 1 meeting with them, talking about their goals. We make sure we understand that and we share what we expect of them, it starts there. From there, we get permission to hold them accountable for what they achieve. We get them to sign a paper saying their goals and expectations with permission for us to hold them accountable. We do training every day in the morning and I get a report to see who has engaged that day. If they are not engaged, they didn’t do their training, and I can see that.

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