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S.4 Ep. 11: Fyre Fraud: How far should you go?

Tell us how you got to where you are. I am one of 9 children. The middle child, born and raised on Cape Cod. We were the ultimate party family most of the time. My mother loved to entertain. I learned how to cook with either my mom or my grandmother from age 12 on....

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S.4 Ep. 10: Where do we go from here?

This week were were joined by Frank Supovitz who wrote the book on “What to do when things go wrong?” While the world around us is changing, Frank shares hope and how we can and will pick up the pieces. Give us your background. I started at Radio City Music Hall as an usher and...

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S.4 Ep. 9: Crazy How Things Have Changed in Two Weeks

He’s back! This week we share an episode recorded two weeks ago when things were starting to move in the events industry.  Micheal Cerbelli shares his take on the current virus as well as the last time the industry was hit.  What have you been up to since you were last with us on our...

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S.4 Ep.8: How to Standout in the Events Industry

Tell us about you.  Growing up, my dad was a business owner, so I always kind of pictured myself owning a business or something that way. I started my first business out of my college dorm room in 2003. I had a bad t-shirt order and my roommate, Ryan looked at me, “Hey, we should...

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S.4 Ep. 7: Master Event Satisfaction Ratings

How do you create more engagement? How do you sell out a conference? More importantly, how do you get 100% satisfaction ratings? Sheena and Matt from the Institute of Internal Auditors have figured out the formula that works for them and their audience! Listen to this if you’d like to be challenged on how you...

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S.4 Ep.6: Part 2 Protecting the Integrity and Messaging of your Content

What’s the biggest lesson learned as well as the biggest disaster?  Coley: The biggest lesson that I’ve had is that no matter how hard you plan, nothing is ever going to go exactly as you want. There’s always a fix to it so there’s no sense of getting worked up. There’s always going to be...

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S.4 Ep.5: Protecting the Integrity and Messaging of Your Content

Sometimes there are so many opinions on what you should do content wise.  How do you be the gatekeepers and protect your content?  We sit down this week with Rachel and Coley of Blue Cross Blue Shield to talk through how they have done this! Tell us about your methodology and your mindset for developing...

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S.4 Ep.4: Sanity Check 101 Amidst Crazy Growth

FOCUS experiences a crazy amount of growth each event.  We sit down with Christine Sarnow to talk through how her and her team maintain sanity throughout the process! Tell us about you.   I work for an organization called FOCUS, stands for the fellowship of Catholic university students. I found FOCUS in college. We had missionaries...

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S.4 Ep. 3: Big Brands = Bigger Names

Scott Mirkin has been in production HIS WHOLE LIFE. He now leads a team producing some of the largest events with even bigger names! Tell us about your story.  I was really lucky that I was a hyperactive kid. On order for me to get out of mom’s hair for a little bit, she would...

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S.4 Ep.2: Creating a Unique Event Experience!

On this episode we bring in industry veteran Wendy Porter! She shares with us ways she has created experiences with guests that matter! Tell us about you.  So actually I fell into it like a lot of people do, I actually started marketing worked for Fingerhut, for 12 years. Then moved over to a publishing...

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