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Technology to Help Usher Back In-Person Events

In – person events are coming back and when they do, how do we create a safe and healthy environment? Proxfinity has a solution to help ease us into live events while maintaining social distancing and Lisa Carrel tells us about it!

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How to Bring Value as an Event Partner

Our events will thrive or die by the partners we bring on board. Allison Pieter of Cassis Productions shares how to be a partner that brings value. 

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Digital Content in Less than 24 Hours?!

Do you budget for photography at your events? On this episode, Roman Grigoriev of Splento, shares the importance of digital content for your events. Listen to hear three important times to share content for your event and how you can get photos back the SAME DAY as your event!

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Gold Plated Service Ft. Dr. Bill Dorfman

How can you be successful and what steps do you take? Dr. Bill shares how excellent business and customer service are key to success!

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Chasing Happiness Ft. David Meltzer

Can money really buy you happiness? We all wonder this in some capacity but this week we have a special episode featuring David Meltzer. Listen to his unique journey as he learned what actually gave him great joy. Do not miss this episode.

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Taking Action with Carrie Abernathy

If there is one person on our podcast that saw something and went towards it, it would be Carrie Abernathy. Carrie has the ability to see an issue and then try to be a part of the solution. If you want to listen to a go – getter who is making a difference, this episode is for you!

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